Yoga?  You're spoilt for choice in Canggu!

Udara Yoga  (8km)
Highly experienced teachers who have been registered and accredited by the Local and International Yoga Alliance. Located at a stunning beachfront location in Canggu Seseh, where each of the four unique yoga shalas have a breath-taking view of the ocean,.
1 Class: 130k     12 Classes: 1.200k

Here are the 20 closest Yoga Studios to Aqua Health, Canguu

The Practice  (40m)
A community focused yoga studio aimed at bringing authentic teachings of yoga practice to ones lives.  A truly holistic offering of yoga classes, training and workshops aiming to bring together universal connection and trust. Welcoming environment from beginners to more advanced students.  People looking for an authentic true yoga experience to gain emotionally, mentally and spiritually on and off the matt.
1 class:     140k     5 classes: 600k

The Canggu Studio  (350m)
A dynamic fitness studio offering dynamic, strength building power yoga classes or restorative and flowing yin classes. A popular studio for those who like to mix up their fitness routine.  Expats, long term foreigners, KITAS holders, wealthy locals.
Drop in Class: 120k     Kitas drop in: 100k      Indonesians: 90k

Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga Studio  (550m)
Set in a rustic and tranquil setting, Serenity Eco Guesthouse and Yoga studio offers its students many non traditional forms of yoga such as Aerial and Fly High Yoga.  With all Indonesian yoga teachers and well priced classes, it makes for a unique experience!  Smoothie drinking, juice cleansing yogis, most likely staying at the Eco Guesthouse
1 Class: 110K     5 Classes: 500K                                     

Yoga Satya Shala  (800m)
A warm, welcoming Yoga Studio run by locals, offering a more traditional indian influenced style of yoga. Yoga Satya Shala has created a space to allow for a community to come together and learn the true meaning of yoga at a core.  Mixture of locals and travellers
1 Class: 150k      

Samadi Bali  (1.4km)
A Canggu favourite, Samadi offers many different yoga styles to cater to beginners to more experienced students. With their yoga philosophies aimed to restore you mind and body and bring you back to your core true loving self. With a mix of local balinese and foreign yoga teachers, there is something for everyone here.  Expats, travellers, also popular, long term tourists, organic eating serious yogis! 

Ecosfera Yoga  (1.6km)
A scenic simple yoga studio located within Ecosfera Hotel overlooking views of echo beach.  With a focus on more slower vinyasa and yin style yogas and private one on one yoga sessions.  Guests staying at the hotel as well as travellers passing by frequent here.
1 Class: 120k     3 Classes: 330k

Bikram YogaFX  (1.7km)
Dynamic hot bikram yoga, for those who want to achieve the fitness components yoga has to offer.  Think sweaty and detoxifying.  Detoxers aiming to push their body to their physical limites

Pranava Yoga  (1.8km)
A creative yoga studio offering different styles of yoga to suit all needs and skill levels. From Chakra healing yoga to vinyasa flow. Catering to foreigners, locals and guests of the attached hotel.
Foreigners: 100k     Indonesians: 50k

Desa Seni  (2km) 
Held at Bali's best known organic eco village resort, Desa Seni aims to create unique yoga classes incorporating true yoga philosophies and education into their practice, with world renowned international teachers offering workshops and education.  Serious yogis, detoxers, vegans and travellers frequent this spot.  Desa Seni is certainly one of our favourites!
1 Class: 140k     Indonesians: 100k 

Jiwa Yoga Bali  (3.4km)
A diverse yoga studio offering hot bikram, yin yoga and summits, with a focus on breathing techniques and accessing connective tissues within the body.  Good for travellers and those who like bikram yoga as well as regular yin yoga, with more of a workout.
1 Class: 180k     Expat 1 month 499k     7 day pass: 800k

Berawa Yoga  (3.6km)
More simple yoga classes held in a beautiful rice paddy setting, catering to all levels.  Local teachers.  This will surprise the traveller walking past by discovering a hidden gem in a rustic looking yoga studio
1 Class: 100k

Yoga Essence Umalas  (5.6km)
Small sized rooftop or on the beach yoga classes. Simple, one teacher operation. 

True Love Unity  (5.7km)
A newly developing yoga studio focusing on connecting back to oneselves and loving oneselves.  They also run workshops including self lvoe workshops, chakra meditation workshops and healing love workshops.  Women travelling and soul searching

Yoga 108 Bali  (6.6km)
Yoga 108 Bali offer every day classes as well as monthly retreats with a focus on mindfullness and a 'no bullshit' approach to yoga.  For those who want to enjoy yoga in a non competitive, real environment. 
1 Class drop in: 100k

Udara Yoga  (8km)
Highly experienced teachers who have been registered and accredited by the Local and International Yoga Alliance. Located at a stunning beachfront location in Canggu Seseh, where each of the four unique yoga shalas have a breath-taking view of the ocean,.
1 Class: 130k     12 Classes: 1.200k

Seminyak Yoga Shala  (8km)
In the hustle and bustle of Seminyak, surrounded by cafes and retail, hides a convenient yoga studio offering just early morning or late afternoon yoga classes, including basic Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga classes.  Suits 9-5 workers, people looking for a easy great convenient yoga studio.
1 Class: 120k     5 Classes: 500k

Blooming Lotus Yoga  (17km)
A popular yoga studio offering teacher training courses, yoga and meditation retreats. Offers drop in yoga classes, but caters more to students doing retreats, detoxers and serious yogis studying yoga teacher training.

Radiantly Alive Yoga  (29km)
A new bright welcoming yoga studio situated in central Ubud. Monthly themes such as love, cleansing and gratitude. With a focus on incorporating mindfulness and self love into ones life.   Geared to self love, soul searching travellers

The Yoga Barn  (29km)
A world renowned yoga studio, café and guesthouse in central Ubud, offering many different types of yoga, meditation, womens circle, moon groups. International teachers in a rustic space with an ayeurvedic detox focus.  Serious yoga chasing the medicine man...
1 Class: 130k     3 Classes: 330k