Bali is the perfect place for a mind, body and spirit renewal for a better and healthier you. It has become the mecca of health and wellness with a plethora of healthy restaurants, wellness and healing centres and retreat destinations. 

To jump start your wellness journey, there’s no better way than a juice cleanse and a colonic hydrotherapy. Juice cleanses are designed to push the reset button and give you a fresh start and time to reflect on unnecessary eating habits that do not serve our body positively. A juice cleanse detox is also essential in order to prepare for your colon hydrotherapy. Colonics are also important because they speed up the detoxification process. The toxic waste from all of the organs ends up in your colon. 

We’ve listed below some of Bali’s best juice cleanses:

In the Raw  Jl Pantai Batu Bolong No. 103-107, Canggu, p. +62 812 3749 6861, e.

Remix Juice Remix Juice, Jl Umalas II No.16A, Umalas, p. + 62 361 897 4005 & +62 81339 184155, e.

Jiva Creations p. +62 8133 84 11119, e.

Juice and Shine e., Home Delivery

Motion Café Motion Cafe, Jl Pantai Batu Bolong No. 69B, Canggu, p. +62 813 5334 5410.

Konscious Goods (formerly Seed Bali) Konscious Goods,